Psalm 122:1- "I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord."

H.O.D. Boys Ministry


We believe Christian men hold the key to the attributes that transform a boy into a Godly man. We also believe boys are anxious to find that key and be affirmed in their quest for manhood. To this end, we have created a unique ministry called House of David. The goal of the House of David Boys   ministry is to create an intentional and replicable rite of passage that will help young boys understand and learn what it means to be a man. Our youth department cannot do this alone. We need your help, your support and your commitment. We are looking for male volunteers willing to commit a few hours and maybe even some time away from your family to help us with this critical ministry; knowing that your sacrifice will not go unrewarded but could mean a lifetime of difference in the life of a boy God has entrusted us with.


FotoFlexer_Photohod12The House of David is a group that was envisioned by our Pastor, Andrew Jones. HOD was birthed to show special and in depth attention to our young men ages 5 – 18. By the holy word of God and by using biblical icons such as David who slay the giant Goliath, we encourage our young men to love and to be fearless and relentless in their walk with Christ through adversity. Through teaching and discipleship training, our young men will be able to slay the giants of this world with the Sword of the Spirit.

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